Meet Luis & Katrina Mendizabal - Hawaii Wedding  and Family Photographers

Why we started Fotos by Mendi

Katrina and I are a married photography couple living in Oahu, Hawaii.  We started this business in 2011 as we set out to be different than your average photographer.  We were interested in the emotional connection between people and how photography can be used to show that connection.  We always try to depict emotion and personality traits through our photography. 
We are focused on showing you that you ARE the art, and we simply try to find a way to show you off.  We can do this for you in a session.  Contact us to book a session today!
Hi, I'm Luis, Owner and Photographer at Fotos by Mendi

Luis Mendizabal


Hi, I'm Luis.  I'm a tech enthusiast, gamer, dog owner, basketball and tennis player and of course, a camera nerd!  I love to talk gear and explore all the latest gadgets and gizmos. 

I have always had a passion for photography, even as a kid and into my teenage years.  My favorite form of photography is still the same thing that got me into photography in the first place - landscape and wildlife photography.

Hi. I'm Katrina. Nice to meet you.

Katrina Mendizabal

Photo Director

H, I'm Katrina. I'm a musican, lover of the outdoors, traveler, and of course, an aspiring mermaid. I work in the special education field as a music specialist.

I have always been good at bossing people around and letting people know what I think.  When I married Luis, we became the perfect photography team - I do the posing and he takes the pictures.  I love seeing the ideas we have come to life through our client sessions.  This is why it is important for me to get to know you!

Luis and Katrina were so amazing to work with.  They catered to me perfectly and helped me feel relaxed and beautiful, all day long!

Monica Silver Wedding Client