Maternity Portfolio

We absolutely love capturing maternity photos! There is just so much love, and excitement for this little baby that is getting ready to join your family.  Those quiet moments when mom is looking down at her belly, or the joy on dad's face when he gets to kneel down and kiss the belly...they are just such wonderful moments, and we get to capture them for you!

Your session will include capturing precious moments with mom and belly alone to make her feel fabulous, some of dad interacting with mom and the belly, and then adding in your other family members interacting with the belly as well. We'll be sure to capture a couple of group shots of the entire family together.

Silver Treasure Full Shoot-Full Shoot-0025
Maternity Oct 2013-3196
Maternity Oct 2013-3187
Sara and Arne Maternities 2
Colvin Maternities - Joy-34
Silver Treasure Full Shoot-Full Shoot-0021
Silver Treasure Full Shoot-Full Shoot-0050
Silver Treasure Full Shoot-Full Shoot-0015
Silver Treasure Full Shoot-Full Shoot-0048
Maternity Oct 2013-3464
Maternity Oct 2013-3397
Maternity Oct 2013-3149
Sara and Arne Maternities
Sara and Arne Maternities 4
Peterson Maternity9-2

Normally a maternity session takes about 1 hour when you have multiple members. If it's just mom and dad, then we can do 30-45 minute sessions.  We are also happy to make recommendations to guide you in what to wear. Mom normally wears a either an open flowy dress or a tight fitting dress, as well as something casual.  Simplicity, and casual is normally the choice for these sessions for dad and other family members.

If you are as excited as we are about your maternity photos, please fill out this form to discuss dates and packages.