Is the wedding album cost really worth it?

So you have your photographer selected but may not yet know what products you want to buy from their offerings.  Don't worry, you are not alone - that is a common hurdle in most newly engaged couple's journey.  This post will aim to better explain the value and reasoning for why you should purchase a wedding album from your photographer.

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What factors affect my wedding photographer cost?

Have you ever felt confused when looking at a pricing packages for a wedding photographer?  Ever wonder why the pricing increases so much as you select a higher package offering?  Well, there are a lot of factors that determine the price increases between offerings and we'll dive into some of components below.

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How early should I book my wedding photographer?

Wedding planning can be very stressful and there are a few big things that are time sensitive.  Booking a photographer, DJ, the venue and videographer are usually on the more urgent checklist.  There may be other things as well such as booking a band, hair & makeup artists, and florist.  This post will briefly cover the reason why it's important to book as far in advance as possible, which may apply to other vendors as well besides the ones listed already.

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Sunset wedding photo - what makes a good sunset photo.jpg

What makes a good photo?

People often wonder what makes a good photo?  We hear it all the time when we go to a musuem or gallery.  We also get asked that question a lot when we are on a photo shoot, and our clients ask us how they can take better photos for their upcoming vacation or holiday plans.  There are many factors that go into making a good photograph.  These tips below will quickly help you move from taking decent pics to great photos.

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